URFDEMIA takes part in the activities initiated by the local working groups. In a climate of respect for their culture, the groups are also invited to learn and adopt innovative practices that use new technologies to improve teacher training, teacher-student collaboration, and career development.

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Indspire recipient 2017 Guiding the Journey: Indigenous Educator Awards

 Siaja Mangiuk

Siaja Mark Mangiuk, a graduate of UQAT and a member of the Inuit Teacher Training Co-Management Group, has been a valued collaborator in the partnership between two villages in Nunavik, Puvirnituq and Ivujivik, and UQAT, since 1984.

She won the prestigious 2017 Indspire “Leading the Way” Award – Aboriginal Education in the Culture, Language and Traditions category, presented last December 1 in Montreal.

Achieving this award is a fully deserved recognition for the essential work it has been doing for many years through its various implications.

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EDU2234 Educational training project and institutional development

A first 3-days session training each, in each of the communities of Puvirnituq and Ivujivik.

Here are some pictures taken during the first session of the course in September 2017. This course is given in both communities to use teachers' materials already in schools. There were two days of training and the third day was an educational project with the children.


Ivujivik                                                                        Puvirnituq   


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Education Inuktitut lexicon

The Lexicon Group is a working group made up of Inuit and academic partners who are developing an education lexical in Inuktitut-English-French. Inuktitut generally has no specialized terminology for Inuit teacher training. To enable Inuit to discuss this sort of activity in their language, the working group is developing a lexicon that taps into the expertise of language specialists from community schools.


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Projet de vidéoconférence

Mise en place d’une approche d’accompagnement à la formation des enseignants inuit par la vidéoconférence dans les villages de Puvirnituq et d’Ivujivik au Nunavik.

Objectif principal : créer un pôle d’expertise sur les questions de formation à l’enseignement dans les communautés du Nord, notamment en ce qui concerne l’accompagnement à distance à l’aide des TIC.

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