Inuit Pole

URFDÉMA training activities are meant for the inuit teachers and other human resources of the two schools of Puvirnituq, Ikaarvik and Iguarsivik, and Nuvviti School in Ivujivik. The schedule provides for three to four training activities (45 hours) per year and which are organized as intensive work sessions.  The courses are held at the Ikaarvik School in Puvirnituq and Nuvviti School in Ivujivik. UQAT professors and lecturers go to the community to teach Inuit teachers who have been admitted to certificate programs and short program available.

In addition to providing strong education training, the Educational Sciences Teaching and Research Unit at UQAT provides personalised guidance to all its students. Also, in order to ensure comprehensive training, the programms offered cover all education aspects : foundations, disciplines, psycho-pedagogy, didactics, school management, measurement and evaluation, vocational guidance and educational technologies.

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Inuit teacher training


The Teacher training Bachelor’s Degree aims to train Inuit teachers to intervene with students at the pre-school and elementary level in Nunavik. The program is intended for all those who wish to get involved in their community by becoming a certified teacher.

Courses are designed and developed by professors and lecturers who work together with an Inuit co-teacher whose second language is English—the language of training. The co-teacher interprets the course content, translates it into Inuktitut, ensures the students understand, and provides the professor with feedback about the Northern schools context. Because some students have done their basic schooling in French, this third language is used in addition to the first two.

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Indspire recipient 2017 Guiding the Journey: Indigenous Educator Awards

 Siaja Mangiuk

Siaja Mark Mangiuk, a graduate of UQAT and a member of the Inuit Teacher Training Co-Management Group, has been a valued collaborator in the partnership between two villages in Nunavik, Puvirnituq and Ivujivik, and UQAT, since 1984.

She won the prestigious 2017 Indspire “Leading the Way” Award – Aboriginal Education in the Culture, Language and Traditions category, presented last December 1 in Montreal.

Achieving this award is a fully deserved recognition for the essential work it has been doing for many years through its various implications.

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EDU2234 Educational training project and institutional development

A first 3-days session training each, in each of the communities of Puvirnituq and Ivujivik.

Here are some pictures taken during the first session of the course in September 2017. This course is given in both communities to use teachers' materials already in schools. There were two days of training and the third day was an educational project with the children.


Ivujivik                                                                        Puvirnituq   


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Our graduate students

 Puvirnituq and Ivujivik students

The 2022 UQAT graduation event welcomed 10 new Inuit graduates (2 were unable to attend); it was a memorable event for them and their family! Congratulations to all!

Sarah Angiyou and Lucy Qalingo  - November 2016

Sarah Angiyou Sarah Angiyou et Lucy Qalingo Lucy Qalingo

 Paulusi Angiyou - November 2013

Paulusi-1 Paulusi-2 Paulusi-3

 Lucy Qalingo - November 2012











First graduate sutdents - 1993 and 2002

Maggie Angiyou Siaja Iyaituk Mina Kenuajuak Noah-Adamie Koomalook Siaja Mark