21st Inuit Studies Conference

October 4, 2019

21st Inuit Studies Conference

Published on October 4, 2019

More about the theme

Inuit population in Nunavik aspire to adequate schooling for youth and professional teacher training for Inuit teachers. This wish is also visible in Mapuches communities of Chile. Those ethno-cultural involuntary minorities have bilingual or trilingual schooling situations and, they live in bicultural and intercultural environment, such as most of the First Nations communities in America. Thus, this is with regards to answering these aspirations of language and knowledge transmission, constitutive of their culture, that work objects are addressed in the Team working in collaboration for the development of actions in the Indigenous educational context (ÉDRACCÉA). This team gather collaborators from inuit and mapuche schools and researchers from Quebec and Chile. Among other things, their work focuses on (1) partnership developments between communities-schools-universities as a practice to support schooling and training by the frontline actors in the communities and (2) the articulation of the schooling and cultural knowledge in the school curriculum and the teachers’ training. 

The members of the team as well as research project partners participated in this major event. Here are the presentations.

Glorya Pellerin, Véronique Paul, Virginie D. de la Chevrotière, Lucy Qalingo, Elisapi Uitangak

Puvirnituq-Ivujivik-UQAT Teacher training Program co-management since 1984: Continuity and change elements -  Presentation

Gisèle Maheux, Véronique Paul, Elisapi Uitangak

Co-teaching practice developed within the framework of a partnership Ivujivik-Puvirnituq-UQAT at the service of Inuit teacher training  - Presentation

Héctor Torres Cuevas (membre EDRACCÉA)

Revoir le profil de l’enseignant sur le territoire mapuche - Presentation

Sarah Angiyou

An Inuk point of view about the Deep impact that the Europeans have on Inuit lives - Presentation

Segundo Enrique Quintriqueo Millán, Katerin Elizabeth Arias Ortega  (membres EDRACCÉA)

Recherche en éducation en contexte autochtone: le sens du lieu en tant que contenu éducatif mapuche - Presentation

Carlo Prévil, Katerin Elizabeth Arias Ortega  (membres EDRACCÉA)

Intégrer l’éducation à la nordicité dans les référentiels de la formation à l’écocitoyenneté : Exploration d’enjeux d’éducation au Québec - Presentation

Siaja Mangiuk, Passa Mangiuk, Virginie D. de la Chevrotière

Material availability to teach Inuktitut languages: challenges and perspectives - Presentation